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Cotton Pinafore Aprons

Chefs Aprons 

Starting at $35


All aprons are made from quality cotton, carefully chosen with consideration of function and fashion.

Why not look glam in the kitchen or in the garden!

Cotton pinafore aprons cross in the back with adjustable straps which fit most body shapes. These practical and stylish loose fitted aprons slip over your head with wide fabric straps that cross on the shoulders taking the strain away from the neck. 


Chefs or Bib Aprons are the most traditional and popular style of apron with an adjustable neck loop and waist ties. These aprons cover your torso to the knee and usually have multiple pockets, making them very versatile.

An apron makes a great gift for cooks, gardeners, florists and crafters of all sorts!

Photos are examples of my work and not necessarily in stock. Please contact me regarding available inventory to purchase.
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